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Sports night themes are a great way to end a sales meeting or create a team building environment. Think of the crowd you can gather around you're trade show booth with one of these attention getters from Vinyard Entertainment.

From schools to corporate team building, these games are a hit with everyone. Festivals, after grad nights, or just for a change of pace at your next corporate picnic. No matter what the occasion, Vinyard Entertainment has the games to turn your guests into participants.

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SportDblShot.JPG (50984 bytes)

Double Shot Basketball

  • 3' x 8' x 7'
  • Electronic scoring
  • Also available: Baseball and Football
SportPitch.JPG (88039 bytes)

Radar Speed Pitch

MonsterTrike.jpg (20232 bytes)

Monster Trike and Wagon

Get silly with monster trike relay races.  Drive blindfolded while your partner directs you through the obstacles from the wagon.

DblHumanGyro.jpg (39535 bytes)

Double Human Gyro

Two separate gyro's mounted on a trailer.  An awesome anti-gravity experience: Going in circles, upside down, sideways, backwards and forwards.  You are in control at all times and operate at your own level of enjoyment.

  • 30' x 20' x 11'

9 Hole Miniature Golf

  • Each 3' x 10'
  • Up to 9 holes (delivery included on 3 or more holes)
  • Includes putters, balls, park bench, flowers, markers, score cars and pencils
PutChallenge.jpg (75180 bytes)

Putting Challenge

  • 11' x 6' x 4'
  • One to four players per game
  • Changes pitch and slope to simulate different holes
  • Electronic score display
  • Includes balls and putters
  • Requires 15 Amp 110 AC outlet
GolfDistanceDrive.jpg (29728 bytes)

Golf Distance Driving

Radar unit displays your driving distance on an electronic readout.  Includes wood drivers and balls.

  • 15' x 10' x 10'
  • Requires 15 Amp 110 AC outlet
SumoWrestling.jpg (32222 bytes)

Sumo Wrestling

Oversized Suits are designed for maximum safety.

  • 14' x 14'
  • Includes 2 suits, helmets, mitts and mat.
MedievalJoust.jpg (23653 bytes)

Medieval Jousting

Become a knight in armor and defend your honor.  Suit up and knock off your opponents velcro attached head before you lose your own!

  • Requires approximately 10' x 10' jousting area
  • Includes two sets of padded body armor with velcro head and two padded joust type poles.

Call for details

Water Wars

Two teams shoot water filled balloons toward each other.

  • 25' x 50' x 12'
MicroRace.jpg (58809 bytes)

Micro Reality Racing

The ultimate interactive, audience participation experience!

  • Race up to 5 giant slot-less stock cars on a 24' x 16' banked oval speedway.
  • Remote controlled from the 5 position steering station.  
  • Complete with pit crew!
  • Requires 15 Amp 110 AC outlet
VirtualFish.jpg (44927 bytes)

Virtual Fishing Simulator

The simulator combines rare underwater film footage of a variety of popular game fish with an advanced computer system to create sensational, totally realistic fishing experiences!  Each 'catch' is between 90 seconds and 2 minutes on VHS Videocassette.

  • Requires 4' x 10' area
  • 15 Amp 110 AC outlet

Roller Roper Mechanical Calf

  • 4' x 12' area

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