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Vinyard Entertainment Group, Inc.
1450 W. Lexington
Independence, MO  64052
816-254-6535    FAX: 816-461-9010

Pickup Date:

9 AM to Noon 
(Return by noon the next day)
2 PM to 5 PM
(Return by 5 PM the next day)

Lessee Address: 

Alt. #:          
Fax #:           

Equipment usage location if different than address above:


Qty Item Rented Rental Charge
1 Bouncer-To-Go  
  Sales Tax:                    

By this agreement, Vinyard Entertainment Group, Inc., referred to in this contract as lessor, agrees to lease to the named party on the reverse side, hereinafter referred to as lessee, the described rental items specified on the rental agreement on the following terms and conditions.

The initial term of this lease is specified on the reverse side, i.e. the date and hours rental items are to be picked up and returned to our location. Late returns will be charged a late fee equal to 20% of the daily rental for each hour past the return time, for the first 4 hours. After 4 hours late, the lessee will be charged another daily rental.

Lessee agrees that the rental property has been leased for the location specified on the rental agreement and will not be used for any other location.

Lessee agrees to return the rental property to lessor in good repair, condition, and working order, less normal wear. If any damage does occur to the rental property, lessee agrees to pay in cash the stipulated loss value of such items of property, or the reasonable cost of repair.

Lessee shall employ and have control, supervision and responsibility over any operators or users of the rental property.

Lessee agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless lessor, its agents, employees and any persons in privity therewith, from all claims. Loss or damage lessor may sustain as a result of damage to any leased property by any cause. Lessee acknowledges that persons may sustain injuries using the leased property, and lessee assumes all risk and liability for the loss of or damage to the leased property, for the injury to any persons or property of another and for all other risks and liabilities arising from the use, operation, condition, delivery, return, possession or storage of the leased property. Lessee's duty to indemnify lessor includes its duty to reimburse lessor for all expenses, losses. Liabilities, fines, penalties and claims of every type, including reasonable attorney's fees, imposed on or incurred by lessor as a result of any of the above reference contingencies taking place.

For security against missing and damaged items, and unpaid rental charges, a security deposit of is required. The security deposit will be refunded after we have verified that all goods have been returned in good condition and any adjustments have been made for lost or damaged equipment and rental charges due. The rented items are accepted as being in first class condition and all adjustments will be made on this basis. A detailed invoice of all rental charges will be provided to you after the event. Any charges left unpaid will be billed to you or deducted from the security deposit, and or billed to your credit card.

Reservations may be cancelled without penalty as long as we are notified of said cancellation at least 15 days before the scheduled pickup date. Cancellations occurring in less than 15 days are subject to a 50% forfeit of the rental price. However, if the cancellation is due to inclement weather and the lessee contacts the lessor at least 12 hours before the scheduled pickup time, no fee or penalty will be charged.

I have read and agree to the terms above.  I will mail a signed copy of this agreement along with a deposit of $? within 3 days of submitting this request. 

Leesee' Signature: ______________   Date: _______
Print Name: ______________

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