Bouncers to Go-Rollup

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BounceRollup1.jpg (97581 bytes) Remove the banners.  Unplug the blower and untie it from the inflation tube.   Untie the other tube and open the exhaust flap.  
BounceRollup3.JPG (232785 bytes) Pull one side of the bouncer across the other.  This step and the next step are easier if you leave the stakes in.
BounceRollup4.JPG (228750 bytes) Then pull the second side over the first and fold the the entrance pillow back.
BounceRollup5.JPG (220725 bytes) Remove the stakes and fold a side about a third of the way over.  Then fold the second side over the first.
BounceRollup6.JPG (225529 bytes) Walking over the bouncer from the front to the back to force additional air out the tubes in the back.
BounceRollup8.JPG (233745 bytes) Roll the bouncer up from the front to the back so any remaining air can escape through the tubes in the back.
BounceRollup9.JPG (236825 bytes) Fold the tubes into the the roll.
BounceRollup10.JPG (277162 bytes) Roll it over the rope, tie it, bag it and bring it back to our warehouse.  Be sure you don't leave anything behind.

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