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BTG1-Trunk.JPG (100897 bytes) You come to our warehouse to pick-up your bouncer and haul it home.  We will help you load up everything you need.
  • Blower
  • 100' Extension cord
  • 2 Wheeler
  • Stakes (or weight bags)
  • Ropes
BTG3-Helper.JPG (106701 bytes) Use the 2 wheeler we supply to move your bouncer to a suitable location.
BTG4-OutOfBag.JPG (102301 bytes) Remove the bouncer from the bag and position the roll at the back of the area you have chosen (you will unroll it from back to front).
BTG5-Unroll.JPG (245113 bytes) Unroll the bouncer.  The two tubes are on the back of the bouncer.  Un-fold the left and right of the bouncer.
BTG6-CloseFlap.JPG (27105 bytes) BTG6-CloseFlap2.JPG (31447 bytes) BTG6-CloseFlap3.JPG (63954 bytes)
Locate the exhaust opening on one side of the bouncer.  Push the flap in and velcro the opening shut. 
BTG8.JPG (251678 bytes) P0004850.JPG (233331 bytes) 
The bouncer has two tubes so you can place the bower on either side.
  • Tie one of the tubes to the blower.
  • Rollup the other tube and tie a rope around it so it doesn't let air escape.
BTG9.JPG (241023 bytes) BTG13.JPG (205704 bytes)
  • Plug in the blower to turn it on (there is NOT a switch on the blower).  The bouncer should inflate quickly.  
  • Check the exhaust flap and the two tubes.
BTG10.JPG (232020 bytes) Stake the four corners of the bouncer.  If you are going to be using the bouncer on pavement, we will supply weight bags in place of the stakes.
BTG12.JPG (251765 bytes) Install the panels on each side of the entrance (they Velcro on) and your ready to go!

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